Food Truck Friday - Honoring Kavi

Chef Dorian was featured on Food Truck Friday with Fox 31 News in Denver, Colorado in September 2022.  Our Hibachi Master Chef was able to honor his stepfather, Kavi, on this special feature while showing off his delicious hibachi!

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Video 1: Chef Dorian cooking Kavi's signature dish -- triple combo with Chris of Fox 31.

Video 2: Chef Dorian presenting the finished meal with Lisa of Fox 31.

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Hibachi in the United States is synonymous with the chain Benihana, which was founded by Hiroaki Aoki in New York City in 1964. In Japan, hibachi-style cooking is known as teppanyaki, derived from teppan, the metal plate used for cooking, and yaki, which refers to grilled, broiled or pan-fried. 

In a typical setting, hibachi-style restaurants offer patrons a front-seat view as chefs hover around a large cooking island, preparing food with flair and grace — think onion volcanoes and juggling eggs. Now, chef Dorian Canty has translated that experience to a food truck with Kavi’s Hibachi, which he launched in May.

Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, Canty moved to Colorado with his family at the age of seven and grew up in the Aurora area. His first experience in kitchens occurred during high school. "My background is pretty extensive," he says. "It's everything from Chuck E. Cheese to fine dining. I've been in a kitchen since I think I was like fifteen years old. I just kind of worked around, you know; a Dairy Queen here, McDonald's there, and eventually got into the Cheesecake Factory and the Del Frisco's Grills, some of the nicer-end stuff." As Canty progressed through kitchens, he realized that he wanted to take food seriously and try to become a chef. 

In 2016, he decided to attend Johnson and Wales culinary school in Denver in order to elevate his career. While there, he landed a job at a local Benihana. "I was actually trying to do the classical chef, like real high-end French stuff, but I just got lucky falling into hibachi," Canty notes. "I applied on Indeed just trying to have an extra job after school, and I fell in love with it. I mean, it's such a beautiful art. I immediately became obsessed; it was like a rocket ship, and after that, it just took off."